Advanced Material Installation (AMI) got its start with a very demanding customer, The United States military. It quickly became apparent that finding professional subcontractors to perform work in a demanding environment like military installations was extremely difficult. Safety regulations, employment documentation, paperwork, and even the hours of operation exceed many subcontractor’s ability.

AMI was founded to meet those challenging demands. Making warehouses run efficiently for military bases meant doing things right the first time. It meant having more qualified people than the competition. It means hiring personnel who take pride in their work and have the knowledge and experience to get the job done, no matter the challenge. With our military customers, if a warehouse is not operational to move supplies or repair equipment, it can not only cost dollars, but can cost lives.

We have taken our 28 years of combined experience working with the military and 44 years of combined project management experience to help southeastern US commercial customers. Our experience now ranges from installing a mezzanine within the hull of the USS Comfort to shelving at Wonder Works Toys in Charleston, SC. AMI leverages the knowledge gained with the military to exceed expectations on manufacturing floors, distribution centers, and other commercial applications. We have relationships with the top manufacturers in North America and the world to design and supply equipment. We have the best people in the world to get it installed right.

Your project may not mean the success of a military mission, but it very well could mean the success of your business. Trust the design and installation of your project to a company that knows how to perform. Make sure your mission is successful!

Supporting mezzanine, shelving, caging, racking, fabric structures, and other installation requirements throughout the southeast US. Call us today!

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